Maroon 5 - Memories

  • Published: 08 October 2019
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)
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  • Tina M Fam
    Tina M Fam  2 minutes back

    Where he stops singing though. He was really feeling it. I TOTALLY get it too. Greif knows the wind out of you and fatigues you and steals your words. I've felt exactly how he is in this. Anyone who has experienced the shock or grief, fatigue gets it.

    • مصطفئ مصطفئ
      مصطفئ مصطفئ  3 minutes back

      Who before 100 milion view drop like

      • Alejandra castillo
        Alejandra castillo  3 minutes back


        • Lord Loss
          Lord Loss  4 minutes back

          I’ve replayed this song 4 times now and I am dying with happy sadness

          • Diego Giraldo
            Diego Giraldo  4 minutes back

            baldur is alive !

            • abduh syabani
              abduh syabani  5 minutes back


              • Mladja Trojka
                Mladja Trojka  7 minutes back

                Amazing song keep up the good work and keep on publishing amazing songs

                • Chuzz V
                  Chuzz V  11 minutes back

                  How many time's did you replay this song?
                  1 like = 1 replay

                  • Hang Jebat
                    Hang Jebat  13 minutes back

                    Adm Levine
                    Oliver Giroud
                    Conr Mcgrgr

                    • samkyss
                      samkyss  13 minutes back

                      Qui a reconnu canon rock 🥰

                      • andika panji satria
                        andika panji satria  14 minutes back

                        No dance
                        No nudity
                        This is what i called music
                        To be Heard and to be felt

                        • Luara Gomes
                          Luara Gomes  15 minutes back

                          Lembranças trazem de volta as lembranças, trrazem de volta você 🎵🎶🎼🎤

                          • alif adli1421
                            alif adli1421  16 minutes back

                            Simple songs but meaning deeply.....!
                            Thanks maroon 5.......

                            • Luara Gomes
                              Luara Gomes  17 minutes back


                              • Normal Kirby
                                Normal Kirby  18 minutes back

                                Really good use of auto tune.

                                • TIK TOK9
                                  TIK TOK9  22 minutes back


                                  • Show Sir
                                    Show Sir  23 minutes back

                                    His hairstyle and beard looks like Viking warriors :)

                                    • Reivin Official
                                      Reivin Official  25 minutes back

                                      😫😫😫pls back good old days

                                      • Sound Guru
                                        Sound Guru  27 minutes back

                                        I just kept humming Pachelbel's Canon in D all through the entire length of the song....but that's just me, never mind.

                                        • Tom en milan gamer
                                          Tom en milan gamer  31 minutes back

                                          I LUV THIS SONG Who AGREES am not asking for likes u can just say in comments ._.

                                          • CobraXD
                                            CobraXD  34 minutes back

                                            This song reminds me of my mom
                                            I miss her❤️

                                            • Cassandra Abella
                                              Cassandra Abella  36 minutes back


                                              • александр папировый

                                                ты лучший

                                                • ふーすけ
                                                  ふーすけ  40 minutes back


                                                  • Septa Saputra
                                                    Septa Saputra  41 minutes back


                                                    • Derrick Potter
                                                      Derrick Potter  41 minutes back

                                                      This song make me miss my dog. I wish she was here with me.

                                                      • Svetlanna Feddersen
                                                        Svetlanna Feddersen  43 minutes back

                                                        I was wondering why this sounded familiar 😂 it's got the same chord progression as Canon in D

                                                        • Pence Dominico's
                                                          Pence Dominico's  43 minutes back

                                                          Toast to the ones that we lost on the way

                                                          • LKay Lartharh
                                                            LKay Lartharh  43 minutes back

                                                            0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:15
                                                            play it over here It just cost 1 like

                                                            • Mithilya
                                                              Mithilya  44 minutes back

                                                              He went full Jon Bellion dang! The hair, beard, voice n everything 🙌 beautiful song tho ❤️

                                                              • Belle Sagala
                                                                Belle Sagala  50 minutes back


                                                                • MyBoringLifeAzEvi
                                                                  MyBoringLifeAzEvi  51 minutes back

                                                                  You look like my Uncle

                                                                  • Anita Maldonado
                                                                    Anita Maldonado  52 minutes back

                                                                    Toast to the ones the we lost 🥺🥺😢

                                                                    • Rebekah D
                                                                      Rebekah D  53 minutes back

                                                                      Ahhhh, the memory of Adam Levine's half time Superbowl performance 😄

                                                                      • Kalesita Delai
                                                                        Kalesita Delai  54 minutes back

                                                                        2009: Adam Levine

                                                                        2019: Pepe the frog

                                                                        • Juan Eduardo Guerrero Ojeda
                                                                          Juan Eduardo Guerrero Ojeda  54 minutes back

                                                                          Me encanta

                                                                          • Shin Ito
                                                                            Shin Ito  56 minutes back

                                                                            So sad that we are all getting older and older.

                                                                          • Itzel Delgado
                                                                            Itzel Delgado  56 minutes back

                                                                            "...y los recuerdos traen recuerdos, te traen a tí..." siempre será así y recordaré los mejores, du du du

                                                                            • Luna Smith
                                                                              Luna Smith  59 minutes back

                                                                              For all who feel like the tune is a little familiar to a certain classical song that would be Canon in D :)

                                                                              • Lia Scovil
                                                                                Lia Scovil  60 minutes back

                                                                                Very Matisyahu....

                                                                                • Winy Lenaz
                                                                                  Winy Lenaz  1 hours back

                                                                                  A deep call for a moment of reflection on my whole life, suddenly I feel all the pain and sadness😢😢 ..

                                                                                  .I realised just how much I miss those dear to me that I've lost, hopefully we will meet again someday soon...💜

                                                                                  • nono nono
                                                                                    nono nono  1 hours back

                                                                                    I don't know why, but this kind of clip I like because we focus more on text and emossion. like Labrinth - Jealous

                                                                                    • Djahida Mess
                                                                                      Djahida Mess  1 hours back

                                                                                      Pour toi Rédouane hobi

                                                                                      • Thanos
                                                                                        Thanos  1 hours back

                                                                                        Why does he look like the dude on the cover of Black ops 4

                                                                                        • LVR - A CIVIL
                                                                                          LVR - A CIVIL  1 hours back

                                                                                          This song is annoying me, i cant listen any other song without this "ad" included !!!

                                                                                          • Paris Lim
                                                                                            Paris Lim  1 hours back


                                                                                            • Khaled Gomaa
                                                                                              Khaled Gomaa  1 hours back

                                                                                              WHO IS WATCHING IN 2030 ❤

                                                                                            • Idris basat
                                                                                              Idris basat  1 hours back