Escape The Night Season 3// MY WAY!! (Updated)

  • Published: 26 April 2019

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  • Ben Ash
    Ben Ash   3 months back

    Ok, I keep getting comments , saying that this is fake,this does not how it went. Just to let you know that this is MY WAY! Which means this a how I wanted to go. Ok thank you

    • SPILL! !
      SPILL! !  1 months back

      AftonPlayz Don’t be mean!

    • SPILL! !
      SPILL! !  1 months back

      I love the Song

    • Robert Maher
      Robert Maher  2 months back

      Just wondering why matpat and nikita both survived the man with no name?

    • John Seufale
      John Seufale  2 months back

      Tell me how roi got that many votes

    • tara lavook
      tara lavook  2 months back

      I know it ante but don't be rood god makes u say good thing and deivl makes u say stuff bad

  • Rema Bautista
    Rema Bautista  8 hours back

    Why did nikita die in your way??? BITCH IN YOUR WAY DONT KILL NIKITA UGH BITCH

    • Xavier Stevenson
      Xavier Stevenson  2 days back

      This is my way

      The Clowns Here Kill Part 2: Roi and Teala get voted in the challenge. Roi pickes Safiya and Teala picks Rosanna. Rosanna wins daveing Teala. 1st Death: Roi

      Venomous Affections: Manny is automatically voted into the challenge. Nikita also gets picked. Manny wins and Nikita dies. 2nd Death: Nikita dies.

      • Maria Veras
        Maria Veras  7 days back

        kNEecaps The Night I m Lucas

        • Random Person
          Random Person  1 weeks back

          GO sub you very epic cool animations
          (This was a joke. I love this video and it’s really smart. I wanted ro and Colleen to win! ❤️❤️)

          • Katrina
            Katrina  1 weeks back

            My way

            Ep 1.
            No death

            Ep 2.
            Roi vs Teala

            Roi - Jc
            Teal - Roi.

            Loser: Teala.

            Ep 3.
            Roi vs Manny

            Loser: Manny,

            Ep 4.
            Rosanna vs Colleen

            Loser: No one.

            Ep 5.

            1st team: Jc , Matt , Rosanna , Nikita.
            2nd team: Roi , Safiya , Colleen , Joey.

            Loser: Team 2.

            Voted: Safiya , Roi

            Loser: Roi.

            Ep 5.

            Nikita vs Joey

            Loser: Nikita.

            Ep 6.
            Sacrificed: Colleen.
            Revived: Manny.

            Ep 7.
            Captured: Rosanna , Matt , Safiya and Manny

            Jc - Votes Matt.
            Joey - Votes Rosanna.

            Winner- Matt.

            Loser: Rosanna

            REAL loser: Joey.

            Ep 8.

            Cursed: Jc , Safiya , Manny and Matt.

            Survived: Rosanna

            1st: Matt
            2nd Safiya,
            3rd Jc
            4th Manny

            Sacrificed/Died: Manny

            Ep 9.

            Jc vs Safiya.

            Jc shoots Safiya.

            Ep 10

            Mortimer and Calliope die.

            Winners: Jc , Rosanna and Matt.

            Shoter way.

            1st death: Teala
            2nd death: Roi
            3rd death: Nikita
            4th death: Colleen
            5th death: Joey
            6th death: Manny
            7th death: Safiya.

            • Sean Escosio
              Sean Escosio  1 weeks back

              My way

              Ep 1.
              The clowns here to kill.

              No Death.

              Ep 2.
              Clowns Here to Kill pt2

              Jc vs Roi

              Loser: Roi (Stabbed in the gut)

              Ep 3
              Venomous Affections.

              Colleen vs Teala

              Loser: Teala. (Eaten \ Bitten by the snake woman )

              Ep 4.
              The Man with no Name.

              Rosanna vs Manny

              Loser: Rosanna (Strangled by Bejamin)

              Ep 5.
              Strong like demons.

              Jc vs Matt - Winner Matt.
              Colleen vs Manny - Winner Manny.
              Safiya vs Joey - Winner Safiya
              Jc vs Nikita - Winner Nikita.

              2nd Round.

              Nikita vs Safiya - Winner Nikita.
              Manny vs Matt - Winner Manny.

              Last round.

              Manny vs Nikita - Winner: Nikita.

              They get the artifact for free.

              Ep 6.
              Twin Dolls.

              They have to pick who to be sacrificed

              Sacrificed: Manny.

              Ep 7

              There split into teams

              1st team: Joey , Safiya , Nikita

              2nd Team: Jc , Colleen , Matt.

              1st team: Time record to get out: 10 mins and 30 seconds.

              2nd team: Time record to get out: 10 mins and 40 seconds.

              Now , the winning teams gets to pick who to be sent in the challenge.

              Picked: Colleen , Jc

              Loser: Colleen (Stabbed)

              Then Rosanna comes in
              Rosanna: Revived.

              Ep 8.
              Wicked Witches

              A Witches comes in capturing: Jc , Joey , Safiya.

              Safe: Matt , Rosanna , Nikita.

              Time to vote.

              Nikita - Votes Joey
              Rosanna - Votes Joey
              Matt - Votes Jc.

              1st place: Jc
              2nd Joey
              3rd Safiya.

              The Witch comes in would drag Ro and Nikita , and the witch would close her eyes and dismembers nikita , Ro gets the artifact and returns.

              Loser: Nikita (Dismember)

              Ep 9
              Control Issues.

              Final 5: Safiya , Joey , Matt , Rosanna , Jc.

              While the final 5 were exploring they encounter a basement and see a man saying that there's a hyper dog and 2 person have to train it 1st trainer needs to feed it while it's hyper and 2nd trainer needs to hold it down , if they let go they automaticlly die.

              Jc - Votes Safiya
              Safiya - Votes Joey
              Matt - Votes Joey
              Rosanna - Votes Joey
              Joey - Votes Safiya.

              Safiya and Joey would go down the basement.

              and a wheel spins to decide who will be the trainers.

              1st trainer: Safiya
              2nd trainer: Joey

              They begin.

              While joey is feeding it treats safiya would see a note telling joey to pick it up and maybe it will help.

              Note: Place this cross on flesrouy or rentrap or you could put it on flesrouy and both of you would die.

              then a 2 crosses (1 for the dog and 1 for the person)

              Joey didnt have time so he put 1 on Safiya and Himself.

              Joey would spazz out , choke and die on the ground safiya would let go but the dog dissapears leaving the artifact

              Safiya would return , everyones shocked.

              Loser: Joey ( Got possessed?? and died )

              Ep 10
              Carnival Master.

              The Carnival Master says they ALL have to compete.

              1st Matt
              2nd Jc
              3rd Safiya
              4th Rosanna

              But the Carniva Master is triggered so it chases them down.

              Jc would encounter a sword but then safiya comes in , Jc accidentally cuts of her head , The Carnival Master is slowly vanishing cause joey was dead.

              Loser: Safiya , Got her head cut off by Jc.

              Winners: Jc , Matt and Rosanna

              • Tyler Ward
                Tyler Ward  1 weeks back

                rosanna would DESTROY ROI in an arm wrestle

                • DSGO _
                  DSGO _  1 weeks back

                  I eat broccoli and ur mom

                  • Jakob de Simas
                    Jakob de Simas  1 weeks back

                    Joey is the main person

                    • Evan Montoya
                      Evan Montoya  2 weeks back

                      My way: (don’t hate)

                      Ep2: Teala
                      Ep3: Roi
                      Ep4: Safiya/later revived
                      Ep5: Jc
                      Ep6: Nikita
                      Ep7: Manny
                      Ep8: Colleen
                      Ep9: Joey
                      Survivors: Matt, Ro, Safiya ( I had to alright)

                      • DespicableLuis ッ
                        DespicableLuis ッ  2 weeks back

                        This might be ACTUALLY better than the regular etn kill count

                        • Siri Z
                          Siri Z  2 weeks back

                          Omggg when Matt killed himself and not Ro my heart 😭😭🖤

                          • Scarlett Brown
                            Scarlett Brown  2 weeks back

                            Your breaking all gthe roles

                            • AngrySquid29
                              AngrySquid29  2 weeks back

                              Is It Just Me Or Are Ro, Safiya And Matt Everyone's Favs This Season?!

                              • AngrySquid29
                                AngrySquid29  2 weeks back

                                HoW dId JoEy DiE!?

                                • Etn_is_bae
                                  Etn_is_bae  2 weeks back


                                  • Rashad Reckley
                                    Rashad Reckley  3 weeks back

                                    How joey could died if he died then they cant get out of everlock they will be stuck there forever dummt who ever make this video

                                    • Toca Boca Shorts
                                      Toca Boca Shorts  3 weeks back

                                      It sounds like its saying “i gotta go doo it

                                      • TheNumBOO1Loser
                                        TheNumBOO1Loser  4 weeks back

                                        Mat would kill himself for Ro

                                        • mobile legends and roblox player

                                          I would kill joey and all of them survives yay

                                          • STRXWBURRY SHXKE
                                            STRXWBURRY SHXKE  4 weeks back

                                            My way
                                            Ep1: No one
                                            Ep2: Nikita
                                            Ep3: Manny
                                            Ep4: Roi
                                            Ep5: No one
                                            Ep6: Teala
                                            Ep7: Safiya
                                            Ep8: Ro
                                            Ep9: Matt
                                            Ep10: No one
                                            Survivors: Colleen, Jc, and Joey.

                                            • SuperMALBPlush
                                              SuperMALBPlush  4 weeks back

                                              if we are thinking this realistically roi would not of been betrayed as he proved himself in the strong man challenge

                                              • Mystic Mystery
                                                Mystic Mystery  4 weeks back

                                                My way too but switch SAHFIYA yah happy with Nikita

                                                • Tahny's Channel
                                                  Tahny's Channel  4 weeks back

                                                  i was so sad matt killed himself for ro :( im crying

                                                  • SomeHoomanPerson
                                                    SomeHoomanPerson  1 months back

                                                    I always try to imagine the people talking when they get killed or when they get voted in

                                                    • g t
                                                      g t  1 months back

                                                      I love this song

                                                      • keithgorman
                                                        keithgorman  1 months back

                                                        My Way s3

                                                        03×02 None!
                                                        03×02 JC vs Roi (Roi Dead)
                                                        03×03JC vs Teala (JC Dead)
                                                        03×04 Teala vs Safiya (Teala Dead)
                                                        03×05 Manny vs Matt (Manny Dead)
                                                        03×06 (Colleen Dead)
                                                        03×07 **Manny Revived** Ro vs Matt (Nikita Dead)
                                                        03×08 Matt vs Safiya vs Manny vs Joey (Safiya Dead)
                                                        03×09 Matt vs Ro (Matt Dead)

                                                        • foxy Fox pin
                                                          foxy Fox pin  2 months back


                                                          • foxy Fox pin
                                                            foxy Fox pin  2 months back


                                                            • Sylveon Girl eeve fan
                                                              Sylveon Girl eeve fan  2 months back

                                                              If escape night
                                                              was like this escape night it de so so good

                                                              • Tiffany Stines
                                                                Tiffany Stines  2 months back

                                                                matt took the bullet for cinnamon roll T-T why im CRYING

                                                                • Taha Sgagjplp
                                                                  Taha Sgagjplp  2 months back

                                                                  My Way
                                                                  No one
                                                                  Manny and Teala gets revived
                                                                  Joey and Colleen and Ro and Safiya survive

                                                                  • Yuy
                                                                    Yuy  2 months back

                                                                    Here is my way:

                                                                    Episode 1: No One

                                                                    Episode 2: Teala

                                                                    Episode 3: Jc

                                                                    Episode 4: Roi

                                                                    Episode 5: Matt

                                                                    Episode 6: Colleen

                                                                    Episode 7: Nikita
                                                                    Revival: Matt

                                                                    Episode 8: Manny

                                                                    Episode 9: Safiya

                                                                    Episode 10: No one

                                                                    Survivors: Joey, Matt, Ro

                                                                    • douglas serrano roblox
                                                                      douglas serrano roblox  2 months back

                                                                      My way
                                                                      1 Manny
                                                                      2 teala
                                                                      3 ro revived
                                                                      4 jc
                                                                      5 Nikita
                                                                      6 roi
                                                                      7 collection
                                                                      8 mat
                                                                      Escape joey ro and safiya

                                                                      • Dominick Alvarez
                                                                        Dominick Alvarez  2 months back

                                                                        I would let Matpat Ro and Colleen live

                                                                        • Dominick Alvarez
                                                                          Dominick Alvarez  2 months back

                                                                          nobody died in the man with no name -_-

                                                                          • Gaming With Shance
                                                                            Gaming With Shance  2 months back


                                                                            • Songokou 16
                                                                              Songokou 16  2 months back

                                                                              2:43 R.I.P roi

                                                                              • STRXWBURRY SHXKE
                                                                                STRXWBURRY SHXKE  2 months back

                                                                                My way
                                                                                Ep1: No one
                                                                                Ep2: Nikita
                                                                                Ep3: Manny
                                                                                Ep4: Roi
                                                                                Ep5: No one
                                                                                Ep6: Matt
                                                                                Ep7: Safiya
                                                                                Ep8: Teala
                                                                                Ep9: Ro
                                                                                Ep10: No one
                                                                                Survivors: Colleen, Jc, and Joey.

                                                                                • Panda Erich :D
                                                                                  Panda Erich :D  2 months back

                                                                                  Why wasn’t there any deaths on “the man with no name”

                                                                                  • F. F
                                                                                    F. F  2 months back


                                                                                    • drawing wiff waffles is the best

                                                                                      RO, SAF AND MATT, RO, SAF AND MATT FOR LIFE

                                                                                      • Lightning Mage
                                                                                        Lightning Mage  2 months back

                                                                                        Matt is a true friend

                                                                                        • Mihai Catalin
                                                                                          Mihai Catalin  2 months back

                                                                                          Colleen couldnt beat Ro but She beat Joey xd

                                                                                          • Alex ZANDerr
                                                                                            Alex ZANDerr  2 months back

                                                                                            Its fakkkke🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

                                                                                            • Mohini Potdar
                                                                                              Mohini Potdar  2 months back

                                                                                              My way
                                                                                              Ep 1 no one
                                                                                              Ep 2 teala
                                                                                              Ep 3 jc
                                                                                              Ep 4 matt
                                                                                              Ep 5 colleen
                                                                                              Ep 6 manny , mat revived
                                                                                              Ep 7 nikita
                                                                                              Ep 8 no one
                                                                                              Saf shot lucy instead of joey and escaped
                                                                                              Ep 9 colipe,mordemer,carnival master

                                                                                            • Mr Person guy human yeah
                                                                                              Mr Person guy human yeah  2 months back

                                                                                              My way
                                                                                              The clowns here kill
                                                                                              The clowns here kill part 2 Roi and Teala get voted in Roi dies
                                                                                              Venomous affections Teala and Joey get voted in Teala dies
                                                                                              The man with no name Jc and Mat get voted in Mat dies
                                                                                              Strong like a demon Manny and Jc get voted in Jc dies
                                                                                              Twin dolls everyone either votes Colleen or Joey Joey dies
                                                                                              Funhouse Safiya and Nikita get voted in Rosanna dies they bring Jc back
                                                                                              Wicked witches everyone is voted in except for Jc 1st Safiya 2nd Nikita 3rd Colleen 4th Manny Manny dies
                                                                                              Control issues Jc and Safiya get voted in Jc gets the gun and shoots Safiya
                                                                                              Survivors Colleen Nikita Jc